Bring God into your business with Kachelle Kelly!

Kachelle Kelly, a Houston native is a sought-after corporate trainer, transformational speaker, and a six-time bestselling author. She is fearless and passionate about helping successful entrepreneurs and professionals master their emotions and lives through Emotional Intelligence.

Kachelle is the creative mind behind the world's first prayer guide for entrepreneurs and corporate leaders, "Boss Women Pray", "Boss Men Pray" and “Boss Kids Pray” featuring ABC power words and prayers to cultivate children in today's culture. Her self-published Boss Pray series has sold over 100K copies without any paid marketing. Her movement was so impactful that Kachelle became the first female in her field of Personal and Professional Development to be awarded her own day - August 25th - in her hometown of Houston, Texas, by Mayor Annise Parker.

Outside of her work, Kachelle is a proud dog mom to Eazy and Ella, and though she lost Eli in 2020, his memory lives on in her heart. With a true passion for cooking, she launched "Boss Women Cook," an e-cookbook filled with her favorite recipes, to provide cooking therapy for busy women.

Kachelle created the Bosses Pray Movement to help you bring God into your business — for bigger, better, and more authentic results.

There are many books on how to succeed in business; however, most fail to address spiritual aspects of being a successful entrepreneur and leader. You no longer have to struggle to balance business endeavors and your spiritual life. Begin to discover how infusing your business with spirituality can lead to success — by downloading two FREE chapters of Kachelle’s life-changing prayer guides TODAY!

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How it Started:

Faced with the challenges of the entrepreneurial lifestyle & extensive travel training all over the US — Kachelle thought, “I could really use some prayers, but specifically for my business!” So she set out looking for a prayer guide for entrepreneurs. Kachelle searched days for a business prayer guide to purchase and couldn’t find anything online or in the market. Weeks later, it was clear to Kachelle that such a thing didn’t exist — anywhere. She often shares the story, that in that moment she heard God tell her, “When you can’t find something, you create it”. Years and thousands of copies later, Kachelle is determined to continue to spread the word even further!

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filled with real life wisdom

"My read for tonight is Boss Men Pray by my sister @kachellekelly This book is filled with real life wisdom that can be applied immediately! No gimmicks, no dreams being sold just true inspiration about the power of praying in faith and expectation!"

Kareem L. Williams

Blessed Beyond Measure

"Every morning without fail I read a chapter from this book. It's crazy how the Lord will use others to speak to you. And it's amazing how one book can help to keep you spiritually on track. God gave me my "Blessed Beyond Measure" design after reading the evening prayer."


Book is a Blessing

"I keep telling you all! These affirmations and declarations are REAL! God ... Let's make your name famous!!!!! 😘 This book is such a blessing!"

Candace Anderson-Edwards

Needed and useful for entrepreneurs

"I can't get enough of these prayers in @kachellekelly book #BossWomenPray. It's definitely needed and useful for entrepreneurs."

Kenya Brown

Boss Lady

"Reeeaaaaalllly enjoying my new devotional #BossWomenPray by @kachellekelly!!!! Prayer and devotional life is the beginning of success in business. Man I needed this! 😘 #BossLady"

Rev. Arionne Yvette Lynch


"I've started reading #BossWomenPray and man it's just what I've been yearning for in my personal and business life! These morning/evening prayers, assignments are everything!"

Dean D. US

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"The Boss Pray Series was groundbreaking when it was first introduced, and to this day, it remains the #1 resource for effectively praying for your business, with over 100K copies sold."

Boss Kids Pray

Teach Kids
Powerful Messages

A is for Amen, B is for Beauty, C is for Country…Kachelle’s children’s version, “Boss Kids Pray”, uses the traditional ABC concept to teach kids powerful messages. She presents thought-provoking power words to create talking points and learning opportunities for young, hungry minds, and to encourage a strong prayer life early and one that will carry them throughout their lives.

Boss Women Cook

Experience Kachelle’s
Southern Culinary Creations

As a creative and powerful businesswoman, Kachelle knows it’s vital to know how to switch off from the more demanding parts of being a Boss Lady. Cooking for family and friends is therapy for Kachelle — and she’s as meticulous about her recipes as she is about her prayer guides! With this e-cookbook, you can experience Kachelle’s southern culinary creations for yourself.

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